How I Got Here – Part 3

So skip forward about 10 years and a ton more of life lessons, a beat-up body, kids all grown up and my wife passed away 1 year ago this week.  I had recently been looking for something to occupy my alone time and got into Cryptocurrency trading.  It didn't take very long for the scammers to find me and quickly I was down $25,000.  That was a very hard pill to swallow and a very big lesson on trust.  I will not give up again though because I want so much more of the life I have left than what is ahead of me.

I actually had joined a Facebook group years ago that was about making money online and a gentleman contacted me one day on Messenger about an affiliate program he was involved with and a great mentor he had.  He offered me a free book so I checked it out and that one book from Joshua has already changed my life forever.  This program is like an Affiliate Marketing for Dummies step by step course from beginning to end.  You complete a step and go to the next and the next etc. until you are up and running and making money online.  

It has taken me 2 weeks to go through the program and I am absolutely amazed at where I am verses in the same amount of time 10 years ago.  Every part of it has been an enjoyable learning experience because it is so well put together.  I know it might take some a little longer to complete all of the steps but let me just say that you are never alone in the process either.  The support is amazing from the company and it will be from me as well if you give it a go.  The link to the free book that changed my life will be just below so if you are the least bit curious I encourage you to check it out.

Free Book – Click Here !!

Thank you,

Kevin Grant 

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